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Building a powerful, cohesive team isn't easy.
Clarifying goals, communication challenges, and handling breakdowns
are the largest contributors to an ineffective organization.

Trust is crucial to teamwork, and it starts with team members knowing each other.
Developing a human connection and understanding how others work is a game changer.
We want the members of our group to function at their best and feel the support of an engaged operational team. 

A Stanford study found that those who work in a collaborative rather than individual setting are 50% more effective at completing tasks, boosting their intrinsic motivation and helping them become more engaged with their work.

Team Intensives

Get aligned. Produce more. 

Organizational alignment is critical; it helps to encourage collaboration and a mutual pursuit of team goals, which has several long-term benefits to success and productivity. 

From how you communicate to the clarity of direction, we retrain the brain on handling breakdowns and shifting paradigms.


Through customized design, we cater to getting your team where they need to be - on the same page. 



I brought Mike to my company to fuel our sales and drive us to the next level. Mission accomplished. His success stems from his authenticity with his clients, his work ethic, and his commitment to his craft. It’s always relationships first with him. Doing business is simply a byproduct of the relationships he’s able to build with them. I can’t recommend Mike highly enough. Those who do business with him will get a great mind and an even better person.


Jason Doherty, VP of Sales, R2 Unified Technologies

What could be accomplished if your team was aligned?

Doesn't it sometimes feel like an uphill battle? How do you get everyone on the same page? Aren't you tired of having the same breakdowns over and over? When will it just click?

What is it costing your organization?  What if you could triple your effectiveness? Wouldn't it be great if your team was engaged, clear about the goals, and enthused to work together? Isn't it time for a breakthrough?

Choose Your Adventure...


Every team is unique, and this is why we build our programs to meet the specific needs of your organization and your goals.


Bring the team together for a weekly interactive power hour focused on alignment, paradigms, communication, and productivity. 


Schedule a half or full-day in-person intensive at your location. Achieve the highest impact with this transformational workshop. 

Take your team on the ultimate fast track with the 8-week interactive online Game Changers Boot Camp! 

What Does Your Team Need?

All organizations are different. 
We can help you determine how this fits yours.
Book a complimentary discovery call today. 

Mike is a master consultant. His unparalleled understanding

of the process from a total organizational viewpoint is priceless,

and his dedication in working with both our in-house and external teams to implement programs he designed to accelerate our

growth has been exceptional.

Jacqui Neulinger, COO, Health Tech Evolution

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R2 Unified technologies and Mike Haarlander
Corero technologies and Mike Haarlander
Florida Atlantic University and Mike Haarlander
Workbox and Mike Haarlander
University of Notre Dame Idea Center and Mike Haarlander
Dell EMC and Mike Haarlander
Expat Help and Mike Haarlander


  • Teams looking to communicate better, run more efficiently, and take their goals to the next level.

  • Organizations looking to produce beyond the circumstances. 

  • Groups in need of team building, a deeper understanding of one another, clear accountabilities, and renewed  energy.


  • Teams unwilling to be transparent and accountable. 

  • Organizations satisfied with the status quo.

  • Groups that don't want to win.

Similing Team
  • What is Results Coaching?
    Most of us know what to do, but don’t take the actions to follow through on our goals. Self doubt, fear of failure and hidden limitations keep us stuck. Results coaching will help you set goals, identify what’s holding you back and learn to move past obstacles. You’ll learn how to take massive action and commit in times of uncertainty. A coach helps you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results.
  • Who is Results Coaching for?
    Results Coaching is for: Individuals or teams looking to take their goals to the next level. ​ Anyone unsure of their goals in need of guidance and clarity. ​ Those ready to do the work necessary to retrain themselves. ​​ Those willing to take a look at their behaviors, patterns, and beliefs.
  • Who is Mike Haarlander?
    Mike Haarlander is a Results Coach and entrepreneur. He has spent over twenty years transforming organizations to create astonishing results. He has relentlessly and ruthlessly pursued his dreams and goals, thus inspiring others to do the same. As a Results Coach, he is committed to cutting through the noise and invoking your highest potential. His approach is like a fun ass-kicking; pulling out of you what you thought unattainable. Learn More About Mike

If everyone is moving forward
together, then success takes
care of itself.


Collaboration is a key factor in productivity. 

Don't let another day go by, letting your team remain ineffective. The cost is too great.  


As a leader, your team is looking to you to provide inspiration and motivation. Give them the tools and insights that show you are in invested in their success. 


Let's custom design your package today!

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