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We are blind to our limitations, stuck in the coulds, woulds and shoulds
keeping us from reaching our goals, dreams or projects. 

Winning is hard. Results don't happen by accident. They happen through intentional action.
The challenges you're facing aren't unique to you- others have faced them, and I have faced them too. Don't go at it alone. It's easy to get stuck and we need a fresh perspective to release us from what is holding us back. The power to move life forward doesn't happen someday; it happens by claiming it today.

Coaching has been shown to increase goal attainment by 70%, according to a recent study by

the International Coaching Federation. 


Game Changers

8-Week Virtual Boot Camp

This course is built to cut through obstacles and cultivate your superpowers to move life forward with velocity. Meticulously stitched together through the teachings of master coaches, mentors, business leaders, and the occasional philosopher, this unique patchwork of tools and distinctions is designed to produce unreasonable results. 

If you're ready to master your inner game and directly impact your goals, this unprecedented course is for you!  


Mike Haarlander taught me a lot over the last few months. As a young professional looking to make waves, this was the perfect fit for me. Not only did Mike help me increase my key performance metrics, but I was also promoted halfway through the course. This would not have been possible without Mike’s guidance, leadership, and insight. In addition to these intangibles, he emphasized that every problem or tough situation is an opportunity. 
We live in a fast-paced, always-changing world that requires constant adjustment. I would highly recommend this course to those who are just starting their careers and to veterans hoping to take their career to the next level. I can’t even remember a teacher from school who was more excited to teach than Mike. 

Jack Petersen, ISR, Corero Network Security

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Isn't It Time for a Breakthrough?

How are your blind spots impacting your effectiveness? Aren't you tired of having your foot nailed to the floor? What is being stuck costing you? 

Isn't it time for you to break through? What would it look like if you could triple your effectiveness? How would your life look if your aspirations were at hand?

It's Time to Change the Game.

8- Live Online Sessions Weekly

Each week we come together for an interactive, transformational power hour, taking a deep dive into the four core pillars of unreasonable results. 


Additional supporting files are available for download throughout the course. 

Video Modules

Pre-recorded videos are placed throughout the course as supplemental resources to further support the distinctions. 

Exercises Assigned

Exercises are assigned to complement each distinction, solidifying the impact. 

Is This Course Right For You?

Game Changers isn't for everyone. We can help you determine if this is a fit for you or your organization.
Book a complimentary discovery call today. 

I have been working with Mike for almost a year now. In this short time, I have learned several valuable skills that have created more productivity and efficiency in my work. Mike has an incredible way of holding the big picture and simultaneously tracking the smallest details in order to develop pathways for success. The most valuable skill that Mike has taught me is to track my progress in order to see what is working and what is not and to be able to readjust when needed. The positivity and energy he brings to our meetings helps me stay focused and motivated to continue to expand my programs. 

Jessa Hurst, Director of Marketing 



R2 Unified technologies and Mike Haarlander
Corero technologies and Mike Haarlander
Florida Atlantic University and Mike Haarlander
Workbox and Mike Haarlander
University of Notre Dame Idea Center and Mike Haarlander
Dell EMC and Mike Haarlander
Expat Help and Mike Haarlander


Individuals or teams...

  • In need of clarity and focus on their vision. 

  • Looking for impactful communication skills.

  • Primed for a fresh perspective and renewed passion. 

  • Tired of waiting for "someday."

  • Ready to take their goals to the next level. 


  • Anyone not willing to take full responsibility for themselves, their behaviors, and/or their outcomes.

  • Anyone not willing to do the work.

  • What is Results Coaching?
    Most of us know what to do, but don’t take the actions to follow through on our goals. Self doubt, fear of failure and hidden limitations keep us stuck. Results coaching will help you set goals, identify what’s holding you back and learn to move past obstacles. You’ll learn how to take massive action and commit in times of uncertainty. A coach helps you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results.
  • Who is Results Coaching for?
    Results Coaching is for: Individuals or teams looking to take their goals to the next level. ​ Anyone unsure of their goals in need of guidance and clarity. ​ Those ready to do the work necessary to retrain themselves. ​​ Those willing to take a look at their behaviors, patterns, and beliefs.
  • Who is Mike Haarlander?
    Mike Haarlander is a Results Coach and entrepreneur. He has spent over twenty years transforming organizations to create astonishing results. He has relentlessly and ruthlessly pursued his dreams and goals, thus inspiring others to do the same. As a Results Coach, he is committed to cutting through the noise and invoking your highest potential. His approach is like a fun ass-kicking; pulling out of you what you thought unattainable. Learn More About Mike


Next Course Begins Tuesday, March 28, 2023. 

This 8-week intensive boot camp will kickstart any project on the path to success. 

Register now for launch pricing!  Don't delay because there is no such thing as someday

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